Land a Helicopter, seriously?


Land a helicopter, seriously!

Just before Memorial Day 2013 we received an interesting call from a potential guest. He had a questions which I passed on to Joe [he happens to be a general aviation pilot].  Question was ” May I have permission to land my helicopter on your property and stay for the night”. Guests have come to the Dominion House by car, train, taxi, motorcycle, bicycle but this was the first helicopter. Evidently helicopters can land just about anywhere with the landowners permission.



We have had allot of interesting things happen at the Dominion House but this goes to the top of the list. You don’t expect a helicopter in your back yard everyday. Joe being a pilot himself was very excited he hoped for a ride and his birthday was on Memorial Day so it would really make his day.

Joe's birthday ride.

Joe’s birthday ride.

Avi came in on Sunday night. Notice the windsock on top of the garden shed, Joe put it together the night before to aid Avi with his landing of the helicopter. It was a first for the Dominion House in Blooming Grove, maybe a first for the whole town. The next morning Joe flew with Avi over to Orange County Airport [MGJ] to fuel the helicopter for his return trip back home on Long Island.

One of the most interesting parts of this weekend was how small the world really is. Avi learned to fly in the Israel army but had been in the USA for many years. Another couple that morning were here for one night before they flew back to Israel after their holiday here in the states. Needless the say Avi struck up a conversation being fellow Israel’ s . It turns out they were from the same village. The rest of the morning they talked and caught up with news from Israel. As we said it’s a small world when three people from a far away country meet up at the Dominion House in the Hudson Valley by chance.